Why Choose Us

Condo-Ph.com is a website built by a group of Excellent Real Estate Professionals from top developers in the country and aims primarily to provide their clients the accessibility and ease of finding their best dream condo homes and investment options through this website.

Our Team

We are excellent and have solid years of experienced in the Real Estate industry. We provide all your needs whether you are a first time buyer, a buyer from in and/or out of the country, or a foreigner who wish to own a condo property in the Philippines.

Feel safe to transact business with us.

  • We are bona fide property sales specialists. You may confirm our team’s member names in the developer’s office.
  • We value the safety and convenience of our clients, we always suggest to initially meet them in our showroom/office. But it is still your preference where is most convenient for you.
  • We do not do pressure sales talk. We always come prepared to our every presentation. We will provide to you all the project details you wish to know and the decision making will be all yours.
  • We are honest to our clients. What we present is what you will get. No hidden fees. No false marketing. Also, if your option is through bank financing, we will tell you right away if your fund source meets the bank’s minimum requirement. If not, we will not collect reservation fee from you yet, unlike the bad practice of some abusive sales agents.
  • If you are outside the Philippines (Filipino/Foreigners), we are experienced in handling the logistics.

If you have any inquiries, request, or interested with any of our listed properties, please feel free to contact us via our email condodashph@gmail.com or through our contact number 0917 573 1199. We sincerely appreciate all your concerns.

We are looking forward to have a seat and discuss business with you soon.


Condo-Ph.com Team